Telos Ride & Seek Swallowtail Splitboard - Gear Guide Select!

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RIDE & SEEK SWALLOWTAIL Splitboard 169,179

**Backcounty Magazine Gear Guide Selection!!

Made for Surfing on Snow. Like a Formula One Race Car, the Ride & Seek is a High Performance, Backcountry Snowsurf machine, Engineered for the World Class Powder you’ll find at some of the World’s Best Powder Destinations. From Alaska to Hokkaido it Rips in Pow, Carves the Groomers if you have to, it loves to Ride Steep Faces and Couloirs in the Alps. From the Fjords of Norway to the Volcanoes of Chile, this Swallowtail Powder Split Board will help you reach Freeride Glory!