Telos Lemurian Swallowtail - All new for 20/21! - CLEARANCE!!

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Telos Lemurian Swallowtail - 156, 159, 165         Flex 6


Setback Camber with long Nose Rocker

  • Floats Effortlessly
  • Carves great
  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Fun to ride


Inspired by the mystical beings of Telos that inspire our advanced technology, this Directional Swallowtail Surfer with setback camber and long nose rocker is the ultimate every-day powder chasing board. Float effortlessly through the deepest white rooms while surfing edge to edge on the multi-radial sidecut designed give you the feel of surfing a big mountain wave. Poplar & X-wood lightweight core gives you the perfect medium flex and control.  Polyurethane Sidewalls gives it just the playfulness you're looking for and the confidence to hold an edge in all conditions. Lightweight and durable triaxial fiberglass construction with aluminum tail protection makes this surfer a must have for your quiver for those ultimate powder days!


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