Choosing Your First Snowboard: A Guide For Beginners

Choosing Your First Snowboard: A Guide For Beginners

Did you recently try snowboarding and fell in love with it? Well, we don’t blame you. As far as winter sports go, few are as thrilling and liberating as snowboarding.

So, now you’re probably thinking of investing in your first all mountain freestyle board. However, before you splurge hundreds of dollars on one that looks the coolest, you should know that there are various important factors you need to consider apart from the graphics on the board. You don’t want to buy a board that looks good, but one that makes you look good.

The following is a brief guide to choosing your first snowboard.

Picking The Right Length

When choosing your first snowboard, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the board’s length. So, how does the length of a snowboard effect the way it rides? Well, a longer snowboard provides a more stable ride but requires more effort when it comes to initiating turns. Consequently, linking your turns smoothly is more difficult. A shorter board, on the other hand, is a lot easier to turn but doesn’t offer the same stability at high speeds.

So what’s the ideal board length? Well, as a rule of thumb, you should select a board that reaches somewhere between your nose and chin when you stand it upright. However, that’s simplifying things. Most manufacturers offer a sizing chart for their snowboards.

The width of the board also matters. If you’re a little on the heavier size, consider a wider board as it will provide more stability when riding.

Male Or Female: Does It Matter?

Women’s snowboards generally have a softer flex and a narrower waist. Men’s snowboards, on the other hand, have a stiffer flex and wider waist widths. The narrower the snowboard is, the lesser effort it requires to initiate turns and makes heel edge to toe edge transitions easier. On the other hand, wider snowboards offer more stability, but controlling them requires more effort.

For lighter and smaller guys, you may want to consider using women’s boards. Similarly, taller ladies with a shoe size of 8 or more, you may find a men’s snowboard to be the most suitable one for you. Don’t hesitate to try out and experiment with boards of different sizes.

Snowboards For Beginners: The Main Types

If you’ve recently got into the sport, you should look for all-mountain or freestyle snowboards since these typically have a centered stance and a soft-to-medium flex that’s ideal for beginners. We always recommend the former for beginners who’re still exploring and learning different terrains so they don’t get boxed into a particular rising style. All-mountain snowboards are extremely versatile, and work well on virtually any terrain.

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