About Us


Inspired by Legend Driven by Purpose

Legend has it that deep below Mt. Shasta, California exists Telos, an ancient but technologically advanced civilization said to have once been the sister city of Atlantis.

By Definition a Telos is an ultimate goal or purpose.

Telos Snowboards is a culmination of these two ideas combined with more than 30 years experience in snowboard design and engineering coupled with the latest in technology and materials to bring you the ultimate snowboard experience. Whether you are into freeride, carving or freestyle, Telos provides the ultimate tools to make every day on the mountain your best!

Made responsibly by snowboarders, for snowboarders:
*Hand made on planet earth
*With No VOC Epoxy
*Farmed Wood Cores
*Solvent Free Inks
*Die cut bases save waste & energy
*Low waste factory recycles all Wood, Paper, Metal & Plastic