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DST Freeride Splitboard

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Not only are these boards light but they are really normally pick one quality. I guess you get both with a Telos!
— Chad Brockmeyer
Customer reviews
This board is really really fun. It's so surfy and floaty in fresh pow with little to no back leg fatigue.
— BB
Customer reviews
The Back/Slash is outstandingly fun and more versatile than the shape implies. Just buy it and have a blast!
— Nathan W.
Customer reviews
My experience with most carbon boards is that they tend be too stiff, that is not the case here. Amazing board and worth the extra scratch.
— Bmax
Customer reviews
The DST is incredible! From powder to hard pack, this board rips! It’s got the perfect flex, shape, and side cut to be the perfect all mountain Freeride board.
— Travers Smith
Customer reviews
I was so pleased with the BackSlash (and continue to hear praise from others on Telos boards) that I opted to spring for the DST as well.
— Doug M.
Customer reviews
This thing is sturdy and really digs into snow without any BS "edge tech". Just quality build that lasts.
— Ryan Bittel
Customer reviews
DST Baby!! The most comfortable split I’ve ever experience, it does everything very well , highly recommended
— John Smith
Customer reviews
The Back/Slash grips groomers and surfs the untouched stuff unlike any board I’ve ridden. Customer Service was off the charts. I also own the DST Splitboard...I am proud to support Telos Snowboards
— William Young

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Telos Back/Slash Splitboard