Snowboards and gear.

Are you planning to buy a new snowboard? It’s important to know that all snowboards aren’t the same. You should look to purchase a board that is comfortable to ride and will improve your skills overtime. Snowboard length, width, shape, and other features like radius, sidecut, and board flex can greatly impact the riding experience.

Here are different types of snowboards that you should know before you get one for yourself:


All-mountain snowboards are suitable for different conditions and terrains. These snowboards are designed to perform on any mountain surface. They are a good choice for people who are new to snowboarding as they are still learning about different terrains and need something that would work for different surfaces.


Freeride snowboards are ideal for adventurous riders who trek into the backcountry. These snowboards provide good stability on hardpacked trails. They are typically longer in size and have a directional shape. Moreover, they are stiffer to withstand high-speed riding, which makes them harder to handle for beginners.

A snowboarder freestyling in the snow.


Freestyle boards are for ones looking for an energetic ride in the snow. These snowboards weigh lighter compared to the regular ones. The compact design and twin tips make it an excellent choice for snowboarders who want to freestyle in terrain parks and show off some moves. However, they’re not the best choice when it comes to riding fast on hard snow.

Split board

Split board evens the field between snowboarders and skiers. As the name suggests, it can be split apart into two pieces to be worn as skis. It allows snowboarders to climb up a mountain or high surfaces without carrying a snowboard on their back. The halves can be reconnected later, making them a very versatile type of snowboard for avid riders.


Powder snowboards are designed to keep seasonable snowboarders in mind. More importantly, they are crafted keeping deep snow into consideration. Riding a powder snowboard makes it easier to navigate sharp turns, control speed, and maintain an edge. The larger surface area means better float.

What’s more?

Choosing the correct width is very important to maintain balance. Your boots should extend slightly over the board. You should look at the size charts and recommended rider weights to ensure you pick the right snowboard. If you’re a beginner, opt for soft flex boards; otherwise, stiff flex boards are a better choice as they offer a better grip at high speed.

Now that you know the different types of snowboards and can pick the right one according to your profile, get a high-quality one for yourself.

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March 14, 2022 — Daniel Boltinsky