Some Tips and Pointers for keeping your Telos Gear fresh and performing how it should...

 All Boards:

  1. All Telos Snowboards come from the factory with OneBall® Bio-Green wax,
    which may get you through day one, but we recommend waxing your board
    regularly, for best performance.
  2. Always store your board in a cool dry space so it can dry properly, if metal edges remain wet, even from high humidity, they can rust which can affect the performance of your board.
  3. Check your edges and sharpen as can pick up an inexpensive hand sharpener from your local shred-shop or ask them for help.
  4. Always check your hardware and be sure bindings, clips and other hardware are secure before trekking out on the mountain. They should be snug but don't drive them home to kingdom-come as you risk stripping the inserts.
  5. Inspect your board before each time you take it out. You may have sustained damage and didn't to take care of any repairs and maintenance before its too late!

Carbon Boards:

  1. **Be sure to use use the supplied binding pads with your new Telos Carbon Board. They are specially designed to add a lightweight layer of protection for your topsheet, as well as, spacers for your binding screws. Damage cause by not using the supplied binding pads may not be covered under warranty**.
  2. Carbon Boards are designed as a high-performance, lightweight machine, for ultimate pow-riding experiences, so treat it as such...I mean, would you drive your Ferrari down a rocky Jeep trail?

Splitboards & Skins:

    1. Always check your gear before trekking into the backcountry...tighten hardware on binding plates, touring plates, clips and tip hooks as necessary. They should be snug but don't drive them home to kingdom-come, as you risk stripping the inserts or hardware.
    2. Telos Splitboards use durable topsheets and forgiving PU sidewalls to help prevent edge rash while touring, but metal edges are sharp and can cause knicks and scratches if they cross over often. If this occurs and you notice flakes or peeling DO NOT start pulling it...the best solution to prevent further damage is to cut any loose material and use a fine grit sandpaper or nail file to lightly sand the top edge smooth again.
    3. Check your climbing skins, clips and straps every time you head out on the mountain for best performance.
    4. Always hang your climbing skins in a cool dry place to dry to prevent mold as well as keeping the adhesive performing as it should. DO NOT use heat to dry climbing skins.