Has your board’s life been abruptly cut short due to over-shredding? Is it your favorite board ever? Never fear for we’ll hook you up with up to 40% off your next purchase to replace your baby so you don’t have to sleep alone for long! Shredding hard can cause things to happen to your board, including severe impacts so here are some things that would be considered under our Shred-It Guarantee:

  • Cracked topsheet – “the topsheet is cracked but the board isn’t broken” sorry to say that a cracked topsheet is caused by over-flexing the board, usually due to an awkward landing or impact and if the topsheet is cracked, so is the fiberglass or carbon layer below It and likely the core as well. If it happened in the backcountry at least It held together to get you back to civilization.
  • Snapped Board – Ok so you were at the park on the big line and on your last run tweaking a Wildcat 1040 landed a little backseat and lost your tail. Don’t worry, next time you’ll stomp it, we got you covered!
  • Core shots – When you swim with the sharks sometimes you get bit. If you get a core shot that can’t be repaired with normal P-Tex injection, we’ll be there to help you swim another day.
  • Top or Base de-lamination – If your board separates at the top or base from an impact and still has a branch or piece of granite hanging out of it…congrats, you literally shredded your board! If it can’t be repaired with the ole’ epoxy sandwich trick, we help you get set up with a fresh shred stick.

If your snowboard or splitboard is still within the warranty period but has been damaged beyond repair or the scope of warranty, then your board may qualify for our Shred-it Guarantee! We won’t replace it for free, but we’ll give you the sweetest deal you can find to replace your favorite board quickly. Simply fill out the attached form completely and upload pics of your board, we will review and once approved will send you a coupon code good for your new deck!

Available Discounts Listed Below:

From date of purchase:

0-12 months - 40% off

12-24 months - 35% off

24-36 months - 25% off

36-48 months - 15% 0ff


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