It's that time of year again—Backcountry Magazine's annual Gear Guide just came out, getting us all hyped and ready to stock up on the best backcountry skiing and snowboarding equipment for the coming season. 

Great gear speaks for itself, and Telos came in as heavy as the Northern Cali pow—picking up a whopping 5 product features.



Coming in alongside boards from industry heavyweights like Libtech and Burton, Telos' DST Carbon impressed testers with its "minimal weight, cambered edge hold on sidehills and balanced kickturns." 


"Honestly one of the best boards I've toured on," commented a Crested Butte tester. 


Note: This is the DST Carbon's second time as a Backcountry Magazine Gear Guide's Editors' Choice board... (ahm, no biggie.) 


"Telos doesn't have a big marketing budget or marquee pros or any of the common flair of a successful snowboard company," wrote the magazine of our apparently Rocky-esque underdog brand. 


"What the Shasta-based brand does have, however, is three decades of manufacturing experience, and it shows."


Coming short of the coveted Editors’ Choice, the gear guide also featured our deep powder wonder, the Back/Slash. Testers appreciated the slow transition from one edge to the other in thick backcountry conditions, while some found it stiff (understandable, as it’s built as a shortboard.) 


The DST Carbon's basic version also made an appearance. Between "on-edge confidence," "decent float," and a "proclivity for playfulness," one tester called the DST a "rare quiver-killer that lives up to the job description." It comes in at $300 less than the DST Carbon and is about 400g heavier.


Finally, the magazine praised the Lemurian for its surfy, wide-turn carving abilities. One tester recommended the Lemurian for "advanced big-mountain splitboarders who want to float more and get way backseat." 


Telos is very thankful for our hard work to be highlighted in the 2022 guide, alongside many exceptional brands and products. Make sure to order your copy (or subscribe to the mag!) before you drop major dough stocking up for the season. 


October 18, 2021 — Daniel Boltinsky