Similar to road rules when driving a car or riding a bike, there are certain etiquette and rules you need to be mindful of while snowboarding. Understanding all these rules might be confusing and complicated at first, but this is crucial for safety. If you're new to snowboarding, here are some slope etiquettes you need to know:

 1. Keep Control 

It's essential to have control over your movements on the slope. You should be able to quickly stop or dodge objects that may come your way. If you're letting your board run, first make sure that there's plenty of space around you and you are well aware of the trail that's ahead. You'll often encounter fast edges and icy patches on slopes, which can seem scary if you're not focused. This is why it's important first to assess your abilities and then choose a terrain that suits you best. 

 2. The People In Front of You Are Right

Pay attention to the people ahead of you and notice the direction they take. If someone is snowboarding ahead of you, their focus will be moving forward downhill. They can't see anyone behind them. This is why it's your responsibility to be mindful of how you ride and avoid them at all costs. The same rules will apply to people behind you. 

 3. Don't Stop in A Wrong Spot

Avoiding stopping midway or where people from above can't see you. If you need to stop for any reason, choose a spot away from the trail, visible to people coming downhill. This will help them change their direction (if needed) and move past you safely. If your child is snowboarding for the first time, it's your responsibility as a parent to ensure that your child isn't creating a hazard for other riders.

Two beginners getting ready to go snowboarding.4. Keep an Eye on the Warning Signs 

Signs and warnings are posted to ensure maximum safety in any area. If you see a sign that says "slow," make sure to slow down as this can save you and others from potential danger.

 5. Don't Cut Lines 

There can be days when the lift lines may be longer than expected, and waiting can be annoying. However, it's important to wait for your turn patiently and avoids cutting through lines as this can result in chaos.

 6. Pick Up Boards

If you knock someone's board down, it's your responsibility to pick it up and re-stack it. Leaving it on the ground can cause people to walk over it, leading to extensive damage. Also, you’re your board in a safe place and make sure it isn't blocking anyone's path.

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June 07, 2021 — Daniel Boltinsky