Camber and rocker are the two main types of board profiles, each suited for different kinds of riding. There are also flat boards and hybrid boards, the latter of which we love here at Telos.

The short version is this:

Camber boards are your classic standard snowboard—well-suited for most types of riding on the groomers. There are two contact points where the board meets the snow, allowing for a good edge and ollie power. 

In recent years, rocker boards have emerged with a backcountry focus, providing better float on powder thanks to their construction. 

At Telos, we combine camber and rocker elements in our designs so each board is perfectly suited to the kind of riding you want to do. There is no one-size-fits-all. 

For example, the Lemurian has a setback camber, making it perfect for freeriding and freestyling. However, thanks to the big nose rocker, you can float effortlessly through heavy backcountry pow. 

With the many different options in snowboards, there are probably one or two types that will work best for you and your style. Here is a guide on how to choose a stellar snowboard:

Types of Snowboards


Flat snowboards are utterly flat in length and perfect for those who want snowboards that provide some “oomph” while being highly responsive. They are used for making relatively quicker turns and for helping you maintain balance.


This snowboard's tip and tail have an upward arch that enables it to come across as symmetrical and arched off from both sides. There is also an arch in the middle, which is done for a high and robust grip element. The camber snowboard is perfect for those pro-snowboarders who like speedy turns and thrilling rides.


This type of snowboard is also called a reversed camber. It is concave and recommended for beginners as it is easy to maneuver and quickly navigate. The rocker snowboard is highly symmetrical and has an upward tip and tail with a flat middle surface.


Apart from most other standard types of snowboards, the hybrid snowboards are designed for the intensity of turning, floating, and much more. These snowboards use a combination of camber and rocker to create a unique and exciting rider experience. 


One of the most generalized and predominant categories of snowboards, the all-mountain type is suitable for nearly all types of terrain. They are extraordinarily versatile and perform exceptionally well on powdered surfaces. All-mountain snowboards are also meant for either direction.

Apart from experienced professionals, novice snowboarders can also practice these for a firmer grip and better control. All-mountain snowboards have narrow and flat tails to make them easy to balance.


These snowboards are recommended for more experienced snowboarders and adventurous snowboarding feats. They are typically built stiffer than average and are perfect for those long downhill mountain rides, which enables them for sharper turns. They can get speedy and thus offer a thrilling experience!


These snowboards are perfect for both advanced and novice riders. They are usually light and flexible, allowing them to be used for several different mountainous rides. They have increased versatility and operate with peak performance ability.

Freestyle snowboards are perfect for either a mountain trip or a lively ride in a snowy park.

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June 04, 2021 — Daniel Boltinsky