Important Considerations For Your Next Snowboarding Trip

Planning a snowboarding trip this spring but not too sure what to bring? No worries. We’ll try to help!


The first (and probably the most obvious) requirement for a snowboarding trip is the right snowboard. Most ski resorts provide rental boards, but many people prefer to have their own. Not only does this help them avoid the extra charges from renting, it allows them to get accustomed to a single board through repeated use.

There is a large range of snowboards to choose from, including camber, rocker, and even hybrid snowboards such all-mountain freeride snowboards and freestyle snowboards. What you choose will depend somewhat on your experience level. Also, the types of terrain you plan to be on most.


Gloves are another obvious item you’ll need to bring along. But, just as it’s important to have gloves, it’s equally important to have the right kind of gloves – ones that fit you right, keep your hands warm enough, and prevent moisture from reaching your skin. Long before you ever hit the slopes, it is well-worth your time to invest in some high-quality waterproof gloves that you’ll be comfortable wearing for hours at a time.

Warm Hat

Another essential, a warm hat, is your best friend while on a snow trip. Feeling the wind in your hair and face is therapeutic, but when it’s icy cold air, it can become a bit excessive. Just as you’ll want to find the right gloves, you’ll want to find a hat that has all those same properties – warm, well fitting, and dry. Don’t skimp on a warm hat. The right one will keep your head, ears, and forehead warm for hours.  Have fun with it too. There are so many different colors and styles for you to choose from.


When you’re on the slopes, you’ll feel the sun even more than ever. This may be a surprise, as we usually do not associate sunshine with cold weather. Keep in mind, however, that the sun’s effects can be even greater on a mountaintop. Not only is it because you’re on a higher altitude, but also because the sunlight reflects off the white snow and directly hits your face, which can be extremely dangerous.

Excess exposure to sunlight can cause skin cancer and lead to numerous skin diseases. Be sure to purchase a sunscreen that is either SPF 30 or above and apply it regularly to spend as much time in the sun as you desire.


Goggles are essential on a snowboarding trip. When you’re on the mountain, the sun can be surprisingly blinding and the cold air can cause you to tear up at speed. It can make it extremely challenging for you to see what’s ahead and avoid crashing into other skiers. A good pair of goggles will offer you better visibility and help you maneuver where you want to go.

Waterproof Jackets & Coats

When you’re snowboarding, you should be prepared to fall down a few times. Every snowboarder has been through this, and it happens to the best of us. To prevent yourself from freezing and getting sick, invest in some waterproof apparel to keep you warm and dry throughout your journey.

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June 04, 2021 — seoserviceusa