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Haven’t you always wanted an all-mountain freestyle board that is both at home in the park and pipe as it is in the backcountry? The Chillum is an all-mountain freestyle board with tons of pop and perfect for park, jumps, pipe or trekking into the backcountry with your crew to build the biggest, baddest jumps. Carbon Springs™ technology exponentially multiplies preload from the core, giving you more pop than you’ll ever need. The perfectly matched camber coupled with built-in RAD bumps are designed to distribute pressure evenly along the edge when you need it most. This is imperative for those times where you are locking onto a rail or you don’t quite stick your landing and need the extra stability to come out on the other end.

Board Personality


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Mini Dual Camber with micro rocker and mellow tips

Board Specs & Sizing

  • ONEBALL Bio-Green Wax – All Telos Boards are shred-ready straight from the shop and are responsibly waxed from the factory with ONEBALL Jay Bio-Green Wax, made from renewable, soy beans.

  • ELECTRA Base – Telos high-speed, graphite infused, sintered base with die-cut logos is ultra-durable and helps eliminate the use of highly volatile solvents and chemicals used in typical inks. Solid color materials help to keep your bases looking fresh and the tighter molecular structure helps eliminate the possibility of unforeseen core shots from those gnarly backcountry sharks!

  • POP CONTROL Core – Poplar and Paulownia core with X-Wood and Carbon Springs™ pop technology and Carbon fiber stringers provide additional pop and performance. Lightweight and perfect torsional flex for the surfy feel you want while riding the white room all day. Each core starts from raw lumber in our factory which is cut down to specifically calculated strips and laid up by hand with each piece exactly where it needs to be for Ultimate Flex, Feel and Durability.

  • FIBER-FleX Construction – Lightweight triaxial fiberglass construction makes the Chillum an ultra-playful and fun freestyle board. Full layers of fiberglass laminated above and below the Poplar and X-Wood core create a lightweight and durable combination that absorbs anything you throw at it while giving you just the right flex, stability and fun.

  • PERMA-FleX Resin – Telos proprietary resin that we’ve developed and used since the 1990s is still the only NO-VOC Resin used in the industry today. Many companies claim to use “Bio-resin” that may use sustainable filler materials but still also contain Volatile Organic Compounds that are harmful to our environment. Telos Perma-Flex Resin uses non-harmful specially formulated elastomers that not only locks in the camber and flex for the lifetime of the board but has the highest tested bonding strength of any other resin used in the industry today.

  • DIGITAL PRINTED Topsheet – Durable plastic topsheet, Digitally Printed using solvent free inks with smooth matte finish for a classy and timeless look.

  • SEAMLESS POLYURETHANE Sidewalls - Polyurethane sidewalls give you just the playfulness you’re looking for and the confidence to hold your edge on hard carves.

  • CERAMIC EDGE Tuned – All Telos boards come with factory tuned edges with detuned tips and tails.

  • FULL WRAP Metal Edge – 360 degree metal edge protects the Chillum from all angles