Haley Hetzel

Name: Haley Hetzel

Instagram Handle: @haleyhetzel

Hometown:  Enumclaw, WA

Home Resort: Crystal Mountain, WA

Why I Snowboard: Snowboarding has given me an outlet to be creative, push my limits, and spend time in nature. When I ride I feel like I’m flying; I get to float down mountains that look like paintings and interpret them differently each time. Spending so much time among massive mountains puts things in perspective for me and reminds me what little piece I am of the world; to not take things so seriously. The longer I ride the more hooked I get, snowboarding is magical.

Favorite Trick: Method.

Height/ Weight: 5’8/165 lb

Stance: Goofy

Equipment Preferences: Boards- park, powder, back country, ect. Bindings- Skins- Telos Accessories (with photos of product and links provided at bottom of page)

Passions Outside Snowboarding: Hiking, Crossfit, Yoga, anything outside!


Pow board: Caldera
Backcountry Board: Cascade
Splitboard: Cascade
Park Board: Chillum 

Other sponsors: Crystal Mountain, Smith Optics, K2 Snowboarding, Booger Red’s Snow Wax.