ADIT - Clearance!

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Sustainable Manufacturing

VOC Free Inks & Epoxies

Designed in California

Manufactured at GP87

Recyclable Packaging

Don’t you want to feel an overwhelming stoke and exhilarating excitement EVERY time you strap in?

Wouldn’t it feel incredible to have a board that is super easy to turn and carve on, all the while nearly impossible to catch an edge with? Imagine if you had an amazing all-mountain twin tip board for all levels of riders, that whether on groomers or deeper powder, you can ride effortlessly. The profile and shape have been designed together perfectly so that it is virtually impossible to catch an edge which makes it perfect to improve your skills with less spills! The Adit has been made to suit all types of terrains and conditions. The lightweight and durable construction makes this a long-lasting board that can be enjoyed for years and years.

Board Personality

Center Rocker with Camber under foot