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Manufactured at GP87

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So, how did we improve the Backslash?

Since the start of Telos we have always offered some of our models in fiberglass as well as a carbon fiber version. The lighter carbon versions have always been great in the backcountry and in powder, lighter to carry up the mountain and less weight on your feet so you can ride longer and harder. Many of us have ridden the carbon version for resorts and all snow conditions but sometimes when you add high speed riding to those conditions it amplifies the micro vibrations that the vertical aluminum alone could not filter out. For the 23/24 season we are introducing the all-new DFD™ (Dual Frequency Dampening). The DFD™ technology now uses two different sources for dampening. The vertical aluminum acting passively, while doing the main part of the dampening work, plus now a more reactive and specially formulated D3O® foam that works at a different frequency than the aluminum. By adding D3O® foam in the core it helps to absorb the micro vibrations that you feel on harder snow and at higher speeds on a carbon snowboard that the aluminum could not filter out. This new construction is as light as the previous construction but opens new possibilities of terrain and snow conditions the boards perform well on. .

Board Personality

Setback Camber with long nose Rocker