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Sustainable Manufacturing

VOC Free Inks & Epoxies

Designed in California

Manufactured at GP87

Recyclable Packaging

Don’t you want to feel an overwhelming stoke and exhilarating excitement EVERY time you strap in?

The Telos DST Carbon Split is designed to do just that - named for its Dual Swallow Tip shape, the DST Carbon is a backcountry Slayer, a quiver of one that was designed to be what snowboarding was always meant to be. An extremely light touring board that is lightning fast, ferociously fun and easy to ride on any terrain or conditions. From the tree-line to the gnarliest peaks or conditions, the DST Carbon remains forever faithful and forgiving. It allows you to do things you thought were impossible on other boards. The stability and edge hold combined with the edge-to-edge control truly makes the DST Carbon an agile board that can handle anything you throw at it in the backcountry and will have you smiling from ear to ear while doing it.

Board Personality

Setback Camber with Tip/Tail Rockers