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ALL NEW LEMURIAN Carbon!!  Big Mountain Performance at its best.

If you are looking for a super light, high-performance big mountain touring board that handles variable conditions, is perfect for dropping cliffs and pillows with stable tip and tail for landing regular or switch in the backcountry…Look no further, The all new Lemurian Carbon is here!! Redesigned from the ground up for great performance handling on touring ascents as well as high-speed freeride descents.

The Lemurians are inhabitants of the City of Telos with highly advanced technology that have inspired this mind-bending mix of high-tech touring performance that will knock your mitts off.

Board Personality

Tech info & Construction

Setback camber with tip/tail rockers

Board Specs & Sizing

  • ONEBALL Bio-Green Wax – All Telos Boards are shred-ready straight from the shop and are responsibly waxed from the factory with ONEBALL Jay Bio-Green Wax, made from renewable, soy beans.

  • ELECTRA BASE – Telos high-speed, graphite infused, sintered base with die-cut logos is ultra-durable and helps eliminate the use of highly volatile solvents and chemicals used in typical inks. Solid color materials help to keep your bases looking fresh and the tighter molecular structure helps eliminate the possibility of unforeseen core shots from those gnarly backcountry sharks!

  • PRECISION CONTROL CORE – All farmed Paulownia core with X-Wood technology and bamboo insert supports makes the lightest and most durable natural core available. Vertical aluminum stringers help to dampen the naturally stiff characteristics of carbon fiber for a smooth and even flex throughout. Each core starts from raw lumber in our factory which is cut down to specifically calculated strips and laid up by hand with each piece exactly where it needs to be for Ultimate Flex, Feel and Durability.

  • DUAL FREQUENCY DAMPENING SYSTEM(DFDS™) – Secondary vibration frequency dampening system using specially formulated D30® foam strategically placed in the core to catch the micro vibrations that aluminum stringers can’t. DFDS™ allows this board to perform well in all-mountain terrains and conditions.

  • CARBON-FLEX Construction – 100% multi-layer triaxial carbon fiber layers (no fiberglass) makes the LEMURIAN Carbon Split one of, if not THE LIGHTEST touring boards in the world. Full layers of carbon fiber laminated above and below the Precision core create an extremely light and damp board that is still durable. The CARBON-FLEX construction flexes naturally, more like a fiberglass board, than other stiff and twitchy carbon boards.

  • PERMA-FLEX Resin – Telos proprietary resin that we’ve developed and used since the 1990s is still the only NO-VOC Resin used in the industry today. Many companies claim to use “Bioresin” that may use sustainable filler materials but still also contain Volatile Organic Compounds that are harmful to our environment. Telos Perma-Flex Resin uses non-harmful specially formulated elastomers that not only locks in the camber and flex for the lifetime of the board but has the highest tested bonding strength of any other resin used in the industry today.

  • NYLON TOP – made from castor beans is sustainable, durable and helps protect against edge rash when shredding. This mother-earth friendly material is lightweight and printed with solvent free inks.

  • SEAMLESS POLYURETHANE sidewalls - Polyurethane sidewalls give you just the playfulness you’re looking for and the confidence to hold your edge on hard carves.

  • ALUMINUM TIP protection – Specially designed aluminum tail protectors give added protection and durability in the backcountry.

  • CERAMIC EDGE TUNED – All Telos boards come with factory tuned edges with detuned tips and tails.

  • PHANTOM HERCULES CLIPS – All Telos Splitboards come with easy to use, Phantom Hercules clips which have a sleek and lightweight design combined with durable and super stable functionality.

  • LIGHTWEIGHT BINDING PADS included to help protect your investment.